wordless dictionary creative services

Improve your written work!

We provide: 

  • Fresh eyes on a short story, article, or essay. 
  • Story consultations for novels, scripts, or short work. 
  • In depth line editing. 
  • Copyediting for manuscripts. 
  • Ghostwriting and transcription.
  • Ghosthunting and transformation (just kidding?). 
  • Creative writing and reading tutoring (for various age groups).
  • Help confronting existential terror. Etc.

Have great ideas, but need help weaving them together? Have technical writing that you want to make more accessible to the general public? Maybe you only need someone to type it, or fix minor grammatical issues and typographical errors? 

Wordless Dictionary Creative Services offers it all.   

**Rates are negotiable and vary with services!**

Wordless Dictionary Literary Services is Bryan Edenfield, an accomplished author, 2018 Jack Straw Fellow, and literary show producer, based in the Puget Sound Region. About Mr. Edenfield (and his Opening Paragraphs series), Daemond Arrindel (curator, poet, educator)  stated, “Bryan’s narratives feel fresh out of the box brand new and deja vu nostalgic at the same time. I was astounded at Bryan’s ability to build these fantastical fragmented stories of which he only gives us the beginning, not as a tease… but because this is the part we needed to hear, and yet having heard only a fraction, we are still left feeling whole.”

About Mr. Edenfield’s recently published work of prose and poetry, Cake, Lindsay Lerman (author of I’m From Nowhere and What Are You), said, “Cake is alive and crackling with absurdity and unpredictability, operating at a speed and on a scale we don’t often find…. Cake is a daring and irreverent expression of discontent, with subterranean seriousness and wisdom.”

Need more? Here ya go:

Cake has better mixed medium literary work than a group of MFA grads, better speculative/futurist theory than a group of Thomas Piketty’s….”

-Robert Lashley, Stranger Genius Award winning author of Green River Valley, and Homeboy Songs

“It’s chock full of the madness of imagination, the light of the bakery never dims, and every slice is served on a universe of words.”

-John Olson, Stranger Genius Award winning author of Larynx Galaxy and Dada Budapest

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