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is probably here to help. 

We Do NOT Offer

Lawn Mowing Services (Allergies) // Sexual, Fitness, or Assassin-for-Hire Services //Quality Math Tutoring //Skilled Musical Instrument Training // Bounty Hunting or Vampire Slaying // Legal Detective Work // Moving Services // Home Repair or Delivery Services // Garbage Disposal // House Cleaning // Tree Trimming // Laboratory Science (unless lab is provided) // Experienced Laboratory Science // Taxidermy or Meat Preparation // Hunting or Fishing // Medicine or Drugs // Licensed Architectural Services or Capitalist-Friendly Financial Advice // Other Assorted “Wetworks” // or  Anything Requiring a “Licence,” //  and most importantly //  To Work for Free.

This list may not be comprehensive.

we do provide

Book and Story Consultations // Literacy Tutoring // Copy Editing and Proof Reading Services  // Writing-for-Hire // Bad “Magic” Acts // Amateur Sleuthing // Poetry and Short Story Workshopping // Story Structuring // Ghostwriting // Amateur Ghost Hunting // Performance Art // Critiques and Honest Constructive Criticism (Kind but not Sentimental) // Philosophical Contemplation and Ethical Consultation // Post-Inspirational Public Speaking // Stand Up Comedy // Comedy Workshopping //Awkward and Rewarding Conversation // Research Services // Strange Interior Design // Idea Generation and Brain Storming // Co-writing // Writer Rooming // Hosting and MCing // DJ Services (Equipment Not Provided and Technical Skill Not Guaranteed) // Unorthodox Dance Lessons (No Formal or Informal Training) // History Lessons // Tutoring in the Humanities // Tutoring in Non-Laboratory Sciences // Amateur and Dangerous Mad Sciencing // Cultural Studies // Religious Discourse (from the vantage of no particular faith) // Spiritual Ritual Services and Fortune Telling // Amateur Flower Arrangements //  Devil and Angel Advocacy // Unconventional Marketing // Weird Schemes // Abnormal Magic // Short and Long Plays (for Stage, Screen, or Radio) // Skilled Word Play // Mad-Libbing // Surrealist Meditation // Esoteric Simpletonisms // Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking // Song Writing // Filmmaking Services // Photography Services // Acting Services // Mild Ethical Con-Artistry (no Pickpocketing) // Eccentric Maps of Imaginary Places // Art Shows // Unorthodox Graphic Design // Creative Event Planning // Invention // Re-invention // Community Building // Status Quo Dismantling // Opinions, Well Composed // Sinister Experimentation (see Abnormal Magic) //  finally, and most importantly, // Nothing For Free.

This list is exhausting but not exhaustive. Availability for a particular offered field varies based on workload, clients’ needs, and whim. Services not available to close relatives.


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is probably here to help.

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