The Eonothem


by the Disorganized Uncommittee of Prolegomena Eccentre

.§.0.: Contents

Reality enacted as an index or prologue to knowledge, if and only if knowledge is useless. Herein lies the answers to all of your questions. Where is it? Why is it there? What does it mean? Yes yes.

.§.1.: The Jargon of Eccentricity

Language is used to keep people at a distance or to draw them in, depending on circumstances. Sometimes it is a wall; sometimes it is a door; sometimes it is a hole; sometimes it is a window; sometimes.

.❡.1.: The Bureau Of Disorganized Experiments presents: Prolegomena Eccentre Search Trajectories & The Eonothem // Need we say more.

.❡.2.: The Bureau // A useless section devoted to fate.

.❡.3.: The Eonothem // The main disassembly of data.

.❡.3.5.: Within Opacity // Treatises concerning ghosts.

.❡.4.: The Eccentric Voice // A machine experiment.

.❡.5.: Imposter in Residence // A proposal, waiting.

.❡.6.: For Members Only // Secret knowledge, okay.

.❡.7.: [Confidential] // Don’t worry about it.

.❡.8.: [Confidential] // A dislodged thorn.

.❡.9.: On the Extinction of Disorgans // Epilogic.

Published by Bryan Edenfield

Author, Mistake