The Eonothem .§.1.The Jargon of Eccentricity

.❡1. The Bureau Of Disorganized Experiments presents Prolegomena Eccentre Search Trajectories & The Eonothem

The Eccentre does not yet exist. It has no home. The Eccentre cannot exist within virtual space, and presently we don’t have the sources to create an eccentred physical space. 

Thus we have created The Bureau Of Disorganized Experiments, or simple The Bureau. The Bureau has existed since at least 1848 and is charged with infiltrating reality from unreality, using imaginary, virtual, and sinister space in order to enact manifestations of Eccentre-like strata and substrata. 

As of now, there are two primary modes of reality infiltration at the Bureau’s disposal. The first is the Disorgan Of Prolegomena Eccentre Search Trajects, or simply The Trajects. The second is the Enothem, but we aren’t yet sure what the Eonothem is, even though we are already within the Eonothem (v.0.2.0.). We do know that the Eonothem (v.0.2.0.) is subdivided into nine Strata (.§) and various Substrate (.❡).

The Trajects is an devolving catalog of ongoing and hypothetical experiments, or Trajects. A Traject is like a project, but formless and aimless, brimming with uncertainty, unafraid of failure and incompleteness, reveling in nonsensual proto-existence, sliding asymmetrically into existent oblivity. A list of currently Known Active Trajects can be found in .§.2.❡.2. (Indirectory of Known Active Trajects) of the Eonothem (v.0.2.0.). A list of Known Potential Trajects can be found in .§.2.❡.3.

To learn more about The Bureau, please reference .§.1.❡.2.. To learn more about the Eonothem, please reference .§.1.❡.3..

Thank you,

–The Uncommittee of Prolegomena Eccentre (see: .§.3.❡.2.).