The Eccentre

The Eccentre needs your support. In order to function properly, we estimate our monthly costs for the first five years to be around $300,000. Why so much? That’s insane! Market forces do not want the Eccentre to exist, and thus it is an uphill battle. Our Research is difficult, expensive, and subversive.

But that’s a crazy and impossible amount. How about this: We would like to create a profile. This requires about $140 a year. Please donate:

Once the funds for the meetup site are raised, this donation button will vanish, though another may appear to cover more costs that will inevitably arise.


It is the Cascade Unaffiliated Research Eccentre. What does that mean? No one knows.

What does the Eccentre do? What is its mission?

We have no mission but to learn, and sometimes, share.

The Eccentre is a non-center, but still a place. It is not and cannot be a “virtual” space. Virtual space is inaccessible to real people insofar as they are real. What we do is real, even when it’s not. We are real even when we are not. Any online presence is a disconnected vestige, a thing left behind to point the way Out.

The crossing of thresholds requires invitation. Anyone may be invited but not everyone will be invited. We aim to have a diverse assemblage eccentre from status quo.

An Eccentre is like a Center but it is not Centered; it is peripheral, margined, playfully edging, an asymmetry. We almost called ourselves the Cascade Unaffiliated Research Periphery, but do not like the acronym CURP.

That said, though CURE is a decent acronym, we don’t like acronyms. Acronyms hide information. We don’t want to hide that way. We have better ways to hide. We ask that Outsiders use our full name. It doesn’t take that long to say. Because it sounds mysterious, we will also allow simply: The Eccentre (pronounced: ek·sen·tra).

There are initiation rites, but they are not too scary. We are located somewhere within the Cascade Bio-region.

We will always be Unaffiliated. Unaffiliated with what? Yes.

Need to know more? Why? Perhaps relinquish this need, as some things must remain unknown. Knowledge requires effort and needs protection. If you really would like to know more, you must do Research. Tell us what you think we are:

Contact: wordlessdictionary at gmail dot com