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Curriculum Vitæ for Author Bryan Edenfield

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Who Is Bryan Edenfield? No One Can Say for Sure, But We Know This:

Bryan Edenfield is an alive human mammal animal. He is also an author. He was born in Arizona but has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2007. He even has a website:


Cake, a book of (mostly) prose-poetry published by Really Serious Literature in 2021.

Mr. Edenfield has also been published by: A) Glimpse) Of), Black Telephone Magazine, Construction, Dream Pop Press, Dryland, Ekphrastic Review, Excuse Me Magazine, Ghosts of Seattle Past, Heavy Feather Review, Jack Straw Writers Anthology Volume 22, Meekling Press, Paredolia, Pioneertown, Plinth, Poplorish, Rabid Oak, Sledgehammer, Spork Press, Susan: the Journal, TL;DR, Underwood Press, Vanilla Sex Magazine, Wonder and Risk, Yalobusha Review, Your Hands Your Mouth, ZiN Daily, and a few others.

“Exercises for Humans” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Paredolia in 2021.

“Portrait of a Capitalist” was nominated for the Best of the Net Prize by Rabid Oak in 2019.


Mr. Edenfield has featured at numerous literary events and venues, including: Chain Letter, Everett Poetry Night, Jack Straw, Margin Shift, Medicine Ball, Open Books, PechaKucha 20×20, Redmond Association of Spoken Word, Seattle Lit Crawl, Seattle Public Library, et cetera.


2017-2020: Glossophonics on Hollow Earth Radio, producer and host

Weekly radio program featuring mostly local literary talent. Writers featured and interviewed include: Kamari Bright, Alex-Gallo Brown, Meredith Clark, Elizabeth Cooperman, C.C. Hannett, Kreg Hasegawa, Summer Karaskova, Claudia Castro Luna, Jarret Middleton, Joe Milutis, Robert Mittenthal, Natasha Moni, Amber Nelson, Steve Olsen, Tyann Prentice, Kristina Podesva, Juan Carlos Reyes, Anca Szilagyi, Dujie Tahat, Thomas Walton, and many others, including some listed below. It’d be weird to name drop anyone more than once. (Listen to the episodes here!)

2019: Medicine Ball: Climate Change Edition

Edenfield assisted in organization, curation, and production. Medicine Ball brings together poets and playwrights based in the Pacific Northwest, and asks them to respond to a prompt. Their works are then performed by a troupe of local actors, as directed by local theater directors. For this edition, the writers were asked to address climate change, in loose conjunction with work done by the Climate Change Theater Action group. Medicine Ball was conceived by Dan Tarker and Graham Isaac; this particular iteration was pitched to them by Edenfield and Ilsa Olsen, and produced by the four, along with Renee Infelise. Edenfield has written pieces for past iterations of Medicine Ball, and for this edition, he wrote a short play.

2018: Jack Straw Writers Fellowship 

As a Jack Straw writer, Edenfield featured in numerous literary events throughout the year, as well as in the Jack Straw Anthology, and podcast (listen here!)

2015-2017: Ogopogo Performance Series, co-host and co-curator

Co-created and organized with Kris Hall, Ogopogo featured performers from a variety of disciplines, attempting to give equal space to playwrights, poets, performance artists, and prose writers. Artists include: Helen America, Anne Bean, DJAO, Tessa Hulls, Jekeva Phillips, Emily Pothast, Morris Stegosaurus, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Daniel Tarker, Sonya Vatomsky, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, Maged Zaher, and many others.

2012-2016: Glossophonic Showcase, host and curator

The Showcase ran irregularly on Hollow Earth Radio and featured literary and musical acts. Performers include: Amaranth Borsuk, Amber Cortes & Edward Wolcher, Donald Dunbar, fhtagn, Freeway Park, Sarah Galvin, Lauren Ireland, Interrupture, Arlene Kim, Robert Lashley, Natasha Marin, John Osebold, Evan J. Peterson, Rich Smith, Queequeg, and many others.  

2012-2017: Babel/Salvage Press, director and founder

Published and promoted works by Graham Isaac, Ryan A. Johnson, Evan J. Peterson, and Terra Leigh Bell. 

2007-2012: Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP), committee member, intern, and volunteer 

Appointed to the ZAPP Committee after a successful internship.  Planned, organized and promoted events and activities; composed newsletter emails and managed public relations through press releases and social media; worked to preserve media for the documentation of ZAPP’s history.


Bryan Edenfield has a degree in philosophy and history from Northern Arizona University, so don’t worry. He also reads a lot.

Thank you for your time. This has been the Artist’s CV for Mr. Edenfield. If you would like to view Mr. Edenfield’s day-job resume, please continue onward.

Resume for applicant Bryan Edenfield (human mammal animal), from Seattle, Washington.

Objective: Emptiness & Transformation.

Employment History

Now: Author // Poetry-Prose collection Cake published by Really Serious Literature in 2021

Recently: Pratt Fine Arts Center // Administrative Assistant (2018-2020)

Before: Seattle Art Museum //Admissions Assistant Manager (2014-2017)

Duties: hiring and managing staff, managing the Customer Service Center and box office, leading large event set-up and execution, overseeing ticketing on the website and on-site, long-term planning for the Admissions Department, more. 

Admissions Rep, Lead Admissions Rep, & Customer Service Center Lead (2012-2014)  

Also: The Loft Writing Center // Tutor, North Seattle Community College (2013)

A While Back: Barnes and Noble, Twice Sold Tales, Goodwill Industries (2001-2011)

All positions were book-related. For Barnes and Noble I was the lead bookseller in charge of bestsellers and new releases. For Twice Sold Tales I was book-buyer and cataloger of rare/collectible/fancy books. For Goodwill I worked in the online book sales department, also often cataloging unusual titles.


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & History // Northern Arizona University, 2006

Some Academic Accomplishments: Outstanding Senior in Philosophy Award // Contributor & Editor of Zetiticon, the Student Run Philosophy Publication // Reporter & Columnist for the Lumberjack, the Student Paper












None of this matters.

You know that, right? To the abysmal expanse of the universe, all our accomplishments are nought. Additionally, in our current iniquitous climate, accomplishments and access to the levers of culture and society often reflect not the Applicant’s scruples, talents, attitudes, abilities, or efforts, but the make-and-model of whatever socio-economic class a person is born into. Of course, within certain parameters, one can gauge a general level of involvement with the community, and a general level of interest and intelligence, though even this remains superficial. We all know this. But we need to start somewhere, right? I suppose we do, and a meager list of accomplishments self-consciously designed by the Applicant is as good a place to start as any. Right? I have my doubts. For example, if the Applicant were to apply for a job that was, superficially speaking, outside of their experiential skill-set, but which the Applicant is nonetheless very capable of doing, despite no immediately obvious proof of such capacity, then this resume would be an extraordinarily inadequate place to start. This, of course, is where the cover letter comes into play. But the cover letter, as a meaningful document, has been so hemmed and prescribed, so over-thought and sanitized, that it rarely reflects the character of the Applicant, or, if it does reflect character, that character may come across as relatively unprofessional, since showing such personality in a cover letter is anathema to the current ideal of Cover Letter. Thus we offer the sick gods their tribute: soulful amateurs, writing soulfully sophomoric things.

Haha just kidding.