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With a Premier Services Subscription*, receive unexpected surprises through email & the postal system. In addition to your payment, please include your address in the form below. If an address is not included, you will miss out on some Premier Items.

(If you already have a Premier Subscription and are here to give your address, feel free to use the information fields below without also donating. Though we always welcome more and/or excessive donations.)

To pay for a Premier Subscription, Click on the JOIN THE MYSTERY CULT button. You must pay for the subscription to be activated, but you may choose your amount.

Please note: this is an IRREGULAR service. You may receive nothing for months. But often, what you do receive will be UNIQUE. More than that, I cannot say. It is a mystery.

This automatically signs you up for my FREE ELECTRONIC-NEWSLETTER. If you only want the FREE E-NEWSLETTER, please go AWAY.

*Please also note that these are experimental services without the bounds of standard capitalist logic. Be patient with us. Your payment is considered a courtesy and an acknowledgement of the author’s time and labor regardless of your personal benefit; the payment does not entitle you to anything, and impatience or otherwise rude or uncouth behavior will result in Termination of Services without refund. There are no refunds. I love you.


A one time donation will automatically grant you a year of Premier Service.

Monthly donations automatically grant you at least a year of Premier Service. If you end monthly donations after (for example) Two Months, Premier Services will end One Year after the last donation. Make sense?

Your Yearly Donation is very generous and automatically renews your Yearly Subscription to our Premier Services.

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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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