The meniscus was not heterogeneous, nor did it originate in the highlands of Scotland. The menu changes with the seasons but don’t worry too much about the moon.


A Fire in the Canopy
I can smell the burning water, the river frothy with weeds and eggs. $15.00

Animal Watch
With a quick pick of dreariness, apples crumble into pain.

Working Class Vegetals
Without the seasons. 12.50

More Small Tasteless Fires
Unusual northern spheres discovered once again within the smoke-trails above the farm.

The Devil Made Me Do It
Served warm with honey.

A Frisky and Feral Fungi
Bruised wilderness, sinkholes and tide pools, depletion.


The Cook Is From Far Away
A dead thing, fermented fever.

Some young monks from the future told me to tell you this.

Soul Library
The Pan god stole your soul and melted it down through phantom metallurgy and other crimes.

Code of Conductors
60 days ago, my ribs fell out.

An Orange Mallard
The skin makes me dizzy.

Another Devil Made Me Do It
A baby goat lives in a rocket and asks me nicely.


Medical Treason
A classic on arson, written with panache. $12.00

Susan Is Creepy A devious creep on fire or setting things on fire.

Buy my book.

Sickly sweet and creamy.

Lemon Tart
This is pretty self explanatory.

A Trio of Trilobites
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums etc.

We are irresponsible here but you are safe from pathogens.