Department of Indirectories 


Prolegomena to Indirection

Look over there. Indirection is not Misdirection. This isn’t a magic trick but it’s some kind of trick, or scam, or maybe a prank. We’re not real. What else are we supposed to do? Do you believe in us? We believe in you. We’ve been caring for imaginary things since 1848. There are rumors that we invented imaginary things in the 1700s. That’s probably true, because everything is true, even very very bad things, like lies. We live in a special age, not unlike the Middle Ages. We live within the Middle Ages. Indirection is more like an induction but more and more like an enduction. Before the Eccentre can begin or end, it most repossess through an enduction or an end to inductions (an inaccurate definition). An Indirection swirls in place, boring deeper into itself. It’s a billowing through a membrane. It’s a viscous movement through time. It’s a slime originating or Mars or Venus but not Jupiter and probably not Mars so probably Venus. We know a thing or two or three or four or more about planets and their planetary functions. The solar system is a sexy toilet bowl.

Published by Bryan Edenfield

Author, Mistake

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