The Eonothem

The Eonothem is a place and not a place. The Eonothem is this very text but this text is not necessary for the Eonothem. There is always an Eonothem somewhere. Why do we insist on this opaque chicanery, this delineated language, this nonsense thought? I don’t know! We’re not privy to our own inner-workings; we keep secrets even (and especially) from ourselves. Like many animals, we are thirsty and we are hungry. We are not primarily a human organization because we aren’t an organization at all, but a disorgan. What is a disorgan? That will be covered later, in.§.1.❡.9. What is the Eonothem? That is what we’re talking about right now. It is the collection of all known knowledge regarding the Eonothem and the Eccentre. The Eccentre is within the Eonothem and the Eonothem is within the Eccentre; their relationship is ouroboreal but you knew that, and that’s not a big deal. Honestly, who cares what snakes do with their own tails. It’s none of our business. We are not a business and we have no business because we are lazy and not busy. We are not productive. We produce nothing. We consume nothing. We are stagnant entropy: we change constantly into the same.

Published by Bryan Edenfield

Author, Mistake

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